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Meet Orly

Orly Shulman-Kennan is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in couple therapy, family and relationship issues. She is a graduate of Rutgers School of Clinical Social Work Master program.


Orly received extensive training in psychodynamic approach, structural family therapy and Emotionally Focusing Therapy for couples. She integrates theses models to fit the specific needs of her clients. Orly has 13 years of experience treating individuals and couples both in the non-profit sector and in private practice, supporting clients to make significant change in their relationships and assisting personal growth. She developed a unique approach based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Positive Intelligence and mindfulness. She was trained in FOT, Focusing Oriented Therapy, a mind–body meditation that can be applied both in individual and couple therapy in order to sustain long term changes.

Orly’s approach is holistic, it attends to the multiple domains of emotional wellness: Deep sense of self worth and confidence, clear life purpose, joyful relationships, fulfilling occupation or enriching activities and healthy life style.


“Orly Kennan is my family therapist. We were on the brink of a crisis when my daughters struggled to accept my new wife and kids who moved in with us.  We learned how to relate to each in a non-judgmental way and set healthy rules and boundaries.  Now we make decisions and resolve conflicts using the listening and reflecting skills.” 


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