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I Am Here to Listen and Learn Your Distress in a Calm, Caring and Non-Judgemental Environment.

In our first session we will clarify your goals and the changes you would like to make. Sometimes we can’t change the world around us, but we can change how we perceive it and respond to it. Instead of being triggered we can gain control over our reactions.

In the process of therapy we become aware of how old defeating messages trigger sadness, anger, guilt or fear and cause us to react instead of act. Along life we created a “comfort zone”, a familiar pattern of negative thinking that blocks us from dealing with challenges in a healthy way. You will discover the connections between thoughts, emotions and how our body expresses our distress. This is a journey of re programming negative messages by using the power of our mind and body awareness to help us.
Every challenge we face in life, is an opportunity for self discovery and growth. I believe we possess the insight and strength needed to create significant changes. Clarity about new choices begins with accepting the feelings we are experiencing now, and understanding where they come from.  
Our body carries and expresses our distress and by using FOT (Focusing Therapy) we listen to the mind-body messages and gain valuable knowledge about ourselves and our life. This process helps us gain insight into our inner conflict and allows us to make significant changes in how we think, feel, interact with others and ultimately reach a sense of well being.   
I empower my clients to transform their lives based on insights gained within our treatment.


“I came to see Orly to resolve the guilt and resentment about my relationship with my mom. I now understand myself and learned to forgive myself and be realistic with my expectations. It really helped when I had to take care of her health issues and manage her care with my sisters.”


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