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How to Save Your Relationship?
How to Rebuild a Loving, Caring and Intimate Relationships?

Satisfying relationships are essential for our mental and physical well being, we feel joy and confidence when relationship with our significant other thrives. However, relationships are complicated and as we transition from dating to marriage, to building a family or to empty nest , or as new stressing situations arrive, we might grow apart, loose trust and find that communication becomes a constant conflict.

It is difficult to repair relationships when you are stuck inside a vicious cycle of hurt and anger –  an outside perspective, a  wise and experienced therapist - can help you understand how you got stuck in unhealthy dynamics and how to build new communications paths.

Do you remember the wonderful memories from the first year or two of the relationship when you felt connected, passionate, supported and appreciated. This is the foundation I will help you build upon. We will discover how you became disconnected and how intimacy was lost . Through the process of counseling you will rekindle the feelings of closeness, caring and understanding of each other, you will grow to love in new ways.

I work with couples with diverse situations: Heterosexual or LGBT, dating, engaged, newly weds, living together, or long term relationships or marriage. I also work with couples who had been separated but want to try to rebuild what appears lost.

Another focus is counseling women and couples who experience infertility and high risk pregnancy  and couples who struggle with medical issues.    


“Orly Kennan helped me make a significant change in my relationship with my husband. Thanks to her unique approach we learned how to talk from our heart and validate feelings. We are much closer now and more intimate. All the stuff that was missing for us in recent years is back and better!”


Dr. Sue Johnson Talks About Couples Relationships

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