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Coaching is an intense process of creating a change in a short period of time by understanding the obstacles you faced so far, making new choices, learning new skills, building determination and discovering one's inner resources.

We begin with a clear list of realistic life goals and objectives and choosing priorities.  I will walk with you side by side to reach these goals, in small steps so you won’t feel overwhelmed, alone or discouraged. 

We will communicate between sessions on a daily, or three times a week basis and you will be encouraged to practice the skills learned in sessions and give me feedback about obstacles and progress by journaling or e-mails.

Coaching methods can be combined with psychotherapy but do to the intensity and frequent communication with the therapist it is not covered by health insurance companies.

Fees depends on the frequency of the meetings and communication.

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“I am an empty nester and divorced and came to therapy to work on dating issues. I didn’t want to repeat my old negative patterns of dating men who didn’t care about my needs. Orly helped me understand the sources of my choices and how to listen to my intuition and my deeper needs. I wish I had worked with her years ago! So much would be different in my life.” 


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